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Change what you buy, change the future.


We vote with our money. When buying sustainably, we divert money from destructive practices to advance positive change. Legacy products are carbon-intensive, fossil-based, full of plastic, single-use, use harmful chemicals, exploit labour, degrade our soil and end up in landfills. Sustainable products are low-carbon, plant-based (vegan), plastic-free, multi-use, chemical-free, fair labour, regenerative, and circular. That's what we need, deserve and demand. These products exits, and we find them for you!

Every product is certified by at least one sustainability label.

Not all labels are created equal. We handpicked and analysed the validity and certification process for each label. We use them to aggregate sustainable products and promote companies doing good.

Our actions & choices matter!

Our choices

Scientists agree*: Demand side mitigation has the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in end-use sectors by 40-70% by 2050, compared to baseline scenarios. We, the consumers, influence that figure with every purchase we make. By making climate-friendly choices, you aren’t just reducing your emissions — you are inspiring others to reduce theirs! (*IPCC AR6 WGIII​​, Page 45)

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The top 10%

of individual emitters are responsible for half the emissions globally.

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Big Impact

Yes, the top emitters cause(d) the most harm. However, they have the biggest impact if they change! Likely you and I are among them.

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