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Hi, I am Simon. I am a sustainability enthusiast and Product Manager from Berlin. Over the past years I have spent most of my time working on climate change. In the beginning I felt helpless, angry and bad about my consumer choices. However, the more I learned the more I felt empowered and optimistic. With each action towards a sustainable lifestyle, my mood and mind gets happier. Making the switch to a sustainable alternative is easier than we think, but going the first step can be frightening. It took me almost a year to finally research a plastic-free, zero-waste bathroom, but only 10 minutes to implement it. Climesumer is the resource that I was missing when I started my journey towards a sustainable lifestyle. Now it is your one stop shop for effective, individual climate action. As of now everything on this website has been handpicked and reviewed by me. That's just the start! Soon I will add data from trusted sustainability labels giving you access to thousands of sustainable alternatives, and the growing community will be able to suggest resources and upvote them. If you have ideas, questions or feedback, please reach out! I am happy to chat. - Simon

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